The Center for Intelligent Molecular Studies Based on Natural Genetic Sources, known as SMONAGENES, is one of the leading centers of science-based science and technology which was formally established in 2018 under the auspices of the Institute of Research and Community Service of Universitas Brawijaya (LPPM-UB). The establishment of this study center stems from the massive activity of researchers in the Smart Molecules of Natural Genetic Resources (SMONAGENES) working group. This working group focuses on the sustainable use of natural genetic resources (germplasm), molecular biomechanics of cascade genes from metabolism and degenerative diseases, gene mapping, and DNA barcoding. Along with the progressive activities of the work group and the strong desire to advance, several researchers from various disciplines (multidisciplinary) gather in research groups to develop more extensive research to obtain more benefits for institutions and society until finally a Decree is issued (SK ) the establishment of the Center for Intelligent Molecular Studies based on Natural Genetic Sources (SMONAGENES) by the Chancellor of the University of Brawijaya number 1359 in 2018 on 31 May 2018. The initial aim of the study center was to create an integrated, efficient, effective and open research management system with clear vision and mission includes increasing scientific publications, research product patents, collaboration with parties outside of national and international, and appropriate, competitive and highly competitive marketing management.

To support this initial goal, the initial activity launched by SMONAGENES as the center of study was to try to reorganize overall institutional management through the recruitment of young researchers who were reliable, persistent and competent and developed digital information (IT) technology so that it was relevant to the 4.0 industrial revolution. The activity is intended to organize management properly so that researchers and teams can focus on working on the field of research studies. Although the study center is officially new but throughout its history, SMONAGENES has taken root, the researchers at the center of this study have gained much trust in using grant / grant funds from various sources such as decentralized PUPT-DIKTI in 2015-2017 and 2018, Competition Grants (HIKOM) in 2017, PDUPT in 2017, B and C layoffs on an ongoing basis in 2013-2016, PT Leading Research in 2012-2015, UB WCU in 2011, National Strategy grant (STRANAS) in 2010 and from other sources and has carried out various innovative research activities that are productive in producing various scientific publications and research products which of course still need to be developed in the future. Besides that, they have also held various courses / training / workshops / internasiomal seminars regularly every year. One of the routine activities held every year is the International Conference on Advanced Molecular Bioscience and Biomedical Engineering (ICAMBBE).

For the past 10 years or so, SMONAGENES has also explored and developed nutrigenomics / nutrigenetics in the form of smart molecule from local germplasm as a health nutrient for the treatment of metabolic and degenerative diseases. Smart molecules include black tea and rambutan skin to inhibit obesity, etawa goat’s milk for healthy rheumatoid arthritis therapy and analyze bioactive effects as anti-bacterial, anti-infectious, and anti-glycemic inhibitors in the mechanism of glycosylation in diabetes. In addition, it has also conducted exploration research activities on biomolecular markers of local (animal) germplasm, screening genes related to human and animal diseases, developing technology to increase production from animals as a source of natural genetics, biological products, bioactive compound food products, mapping germplasm gene, development of in vitro culture techniques for the supply of genetic resources, and in silico biomodeling. This year, with funding from PU, PT Dikti decentralization is currently analyzing the role of organic black rice as a healthy anti-oxidative nutrient and immunomodulator that controls the regulation of cascades of genes related to metabolic diseases. In addition, other research members at SMONAGENES are also reviewing pharmacogenomic aspects that focus on the use of natural ingredients of germplasm (plants) as drugs for metabolic and degenerative diseases. Continuation of all research activities is always carried out strengthening the results of research with the development of product potential, publication of international scientific journals, technology development, patents, partner / stakeholder cooperation, speakers and direct dissemination to the public or through electronic media for public information disclosure.

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