The Smonagenes research group held a management management-based research management training for 3 days (10-13 / 09) in the 1st Floor of LSIH Building, UB Bioscience meeting room. The implementation of administrative management training provides synergy between several research groups within an academic institution. The research management system approach to this group of researchers focuses on changes in management systems that have flexibility, effectiveness, efficiency, mobility, accountability, internationalization and competitiveness both individually and in groups of interdisciplinary studies.

The speaker in this event was delivered by Anton Sukoco, ST. and Isnaeni Mardi Utami who has a background in administrative management at PT Fajar Mas Murni. The material presented in this training includes correspondence / correspondence (forms of letters, correct procedures for making letters, as well as examples of official letters and business / commercial letters), Recording of outgoing and incoming letters, Inventory of goods / equipment office, and archive storage / filling system. The training provided by the speaker is very useful because it can produce quality administrative work power so as to produce a well-organized administrative system.

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